The best (and least expensive!) retouching is done by the photographer, at the camera; directing the subject to flatten out stray hair, use makeup to tone down blemishes, shine, etc. All retouching is done digitally so film images will first require scanning. We do not offer Retouch-Only services. Retouching must be requested. Unless requested, we will not remove freckles, moles, or permanent scars. Retouching includes blemish removal and skin tone softening.

Our Image Correction service addresses additional problems such as:

  • adding or removing a person / object
  • remove eyeglass glare -but not eye re-building
  • adding background
  • removing or swapping backgrounds
  • dodging & burning
  • major colour balance, density or improper white balance correction on images
  • complex Photoshop work
  • straighten a background