Ongoing Education a Priority

Even though another school year has come to a close, ADANAC PRO Imaging is busy preparing for its first ever Summer School to be held on July 4th and 5th here at our facility in St. Marys. Our clients from across the province will gather for an informal but busy couple of days of professional development.

In addition to learning about and getting some hands-on time with the whole range of exciting new products our lab will soon be offering, clients will also have the opportunity to participate in workshops on customer service, making winning presentations, school yearbooks, website design, understanding the competition, and improving workflow efficiencies. Customers will also be able to tour the lab and meet with employees responsible for handling their work.

One of the highlights of this two day event will be an open forum entitled “Reality Check – What School Administrators *Really* Think of Us!”. School photographers will have a chance to meet with a small panel of school administrators who will share their viewpoints on what they look for in a school photography vendor. This session should provide a wealth of insights for all involved.

To learn more about our first ever “Summer School”, please feel free to contact us.